About Me

So sometimes I think a lot of "bizarre" (psssh, it's all subjective) things and sometimes those things just sort of fall out of my face hole (not entirely unlike verbal incontinence) when I am out of the presence of people I may offend... and sometimes in their presence too. Anyways, I needed a place where I could let the "bizarre" (what an ugly word! I call shenanigans!) out. I don't think I'll be able to remain anonymous since there is an enormous picture of me on the blog as well as it is sort of connected to my other two blogs, which are far more respectful and dignified.

Surprisingly, I am pretty socially well adjusted. Not surprisingly, this is probably because I have a few people who understand my brand of crazy that I can share weird shit with and not offend them. This blog is dedicated to them, to all the people who bite their tongue when I talk about the merits of integrating sharks into the marine corps and the superiority of kitchen scissors to gardening shears (because they were the only fucking shear-like tool I could find, Anthony, get off my case!) as well as to my family who has to sit through the off-the-wall banter of my brother and I on family movie night (because sometimes jokes about cannibalism are awesome.)

In the event that I offend you, I don't really care. It's not like you're trapped on a bus or airplane with me. If you don't like what I'm saying or thinking, you can close the browser window. In the event that you are trapped on a bus or airplane with me, please refrain from stabbing me.