Monday, January 28, 2013

So Then This Shit all went down....

HI! I'm back! After an incredibly long hiatus, I'm back, bitches. So let me catch you up with a bullet-list of what all has gone down since last we visited: -Had my baby (she is 10 mos old now, OMG!) -Got divorced (not nearly as awesome or exciting as having my baby) -Got a dog (hey how bout that, eh?!) -Got more tattoos -Am going back to school -Doin' pretty ok, really! So, a lot of shit went down and I ain't married anymore. Sucks, but is for the best. It was finalized around Christmas (seriously, I wish I were making that up) but we were separated for like 5 months prior. Anyhoo! Just letting those who read (like all 4 of you, ha!) that I am back and that I will be posting many inappropriate things in the days to come. Some topics I will be covering: -fisting -puppets -mostly just fisting and puppets YEEEAAAAHHHH! Can't wait to get back in the swing of blogging, sorry I disappeared on ya'll! We will talk soon! XOXO, Chelsea


  1. wo0t...grats on the new baby! Yay for new ink, a new pet, school and life generally going good!

  2. Thanks dude! Shit is lookin' up and life is pretty good! XOXO