Friday, November 18, 2011

This Post is not Funny at all. Sorry.

I don't think it's any secret that I am a huge fan of using birth control and stuff of that nature. I don't think that women should be baby-making machines and I very firmly believe that if a woman only wants to have one or even zero children that that is her choice and the methods she uses to stick to that are fine. I don't like abortion, but I would rather it be available to women so it can be done safely than it be banned and women resort to using knitting needles or coat hangars. Anyways, I digress. I greatly resent the implication that people who use birth control are somehow thwarting God's plans for them, or that they are somehow morally bankrupt. I'm sorry, but if you're judging someone for actively taking measure to not get pregnant until they are ready then maybe you are the morally bankrupt one. Last I checked, the Bible isn't clear on birth control but is very clear on judging people... so let's just let people make their own damn moral choices when it comes to BC and love them regardless, ok?

There was a post on FaceBook today about the Duggar's (the people with like, 19 kids with #20 on the way) and it included a link to a blog with a post titled "20 Children is NOT "Too Many." I was a little offended on both sides of the fence, to be honest. I mean I don't think people should be attacking the Duggar's and calling them heinous, awful people... but at the same time I do believe that 20 kids is way too many. If you have so many children that you rely on the help of the older kids to care for the younger ones, then I think it's safe to say that perhaps you are in over your head. It isn't the job of the other children to play parent, it is your job. Likewise, I feel that it is somewhat irresponsible to get pregnant after a previous pregnancy had so many complications (due to the mother's age etc.) I'm not trying to be judge-y, but come on... how responsible is it? People get up in arms about a teen getting pregnant but no one thinks to question a 45 year old mother of 19. It just seems sort of lop-sided. All the same, it is their choice and obviously their children are all very well cared for and very well loved. I can't fault them for that in the slightest. Being a parent of many children is not in the cards for me, but some women just feel called to be a mother all their life. Every woman is different, every situation is different, and judging the Duggar's seems like a silly thing to do considering that they are obviously able to support their baby-makin' habit and care for their kids. I think that Octo-Mom and Kate Gosselin are more morally reprehensible, personally.

I will just leave it at that. I wish the Duggar's the best and ask that both sides of the fence stop being so douchey. Women aren't baby makin' machines and people who choose to have a lot of kids aren't Satan-incarnate. We all have different opinions, yes, but there isn't a need for either side to be so vehement.

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